A Writers Condition

I want people to read my writing, but I'm afraid if they do they'll see what's inside.

But nevertheless, I must keep writing. I have a condition, remember? -- Can't-stop-writing-syndrome.

At the moment, I am feeling odd. Oddly like a motivational book or speaker. I keep conjuring up pseudo-motivational gathers of words…but unfortunately, my fear of being seen will undoubtedly leave me to deprive you of any small amount of wisdom my "pseudo-motivations" perceive. I save them for the "Smile Book".**
The lines I came up with (in my head) are far too direct. --- I have just reasoned out something -

The reason so much of my writing is so confusing, or nonsensical rather, MAY BE for the very aforementioned fact! I am afraid of being seen, so I hide the very possibility of it in a confusing form of prose that could be mistaken for poetry. But whether it is truly a mistake, I am not yet sure.

And I've managed to do it yet again.

(** The "Smile Book" mentioned in the post titled: "Notebook Ideas")