Well, well, well. We've certainly got some explaining to do. -- But before that:

It is currently 31 degrees here in Toronto. It is 31 degrees Celsius. It is October 1st and it is 31 degrees Celsius. Have we addressed the fact that it is 31 degrees Celsius on the first day of October?? Oh my gosh. A time indeed.

And speaking of time, it has been a time indeed since I last posted on this weblog. (Weblog? What an old-school word, where did that come from?). Anyhow it has been a long time (about a month, I think) since I last took away some of your precious time for the purposes of reading a random WEBLOG. -- I hope you enjoyed the break, and are well rested from it, because I am back. And who knows what's to come of me in the foreseeable future? Odd metaphors, obscure thoughts, random attempts at poetic sounding prose….there's really no way to predict this type of thing…so I suppose you'll simply have to continue whiling away some time every week to find out!

I think that will suffice for an explanation concerning my uncalled for abscence (although, really, there was no explanation at all). Some explanations aren't worth explaining.

What's more to say? I really don't know. --- I think I shall end this rambling here for today, but see you again soon!

Post Script - I did not use the word "nonsensical" once here^^!! ((Oh no. I just realized I did.)) Alright