An odd break

So two months ago (or three almost?) I "explained" not having written a while --- and then I didn't write again for a period longer than the period I attempted to "explain" my absence for. Think on that a minute.

Anyhow, there's no use explaining this time, so I won't. But it is currently Christmas Break, so I have time to while away -- well actually (please prepare for a spill of uneccessary information) --

It is currently Christmas Break for people who still venture off to school (such as myself). Unfortunately, the break is only from the physical act of going to school and does not imply a break from actual school-work, so I was working on an "Internal Assessment" I have and had been writing up an introduction for about an hour, when I decided, "Why not take a break and write on that weblog thing I haven't written on for months?"…and me being myself, I decided to uselessly think over that sentence.

"I was writing my internal assessment for an hour….and my idea of a break from writing is more writing?? What?"

^^ I suppose that's just what happens to the writers of the world. A break from writing, simply consists of writing something else. What do you think of that?

(Also, the background music for today is Bruce Springsteen again.)