How many people are you?

Hello to all and everyone! Merry Christmas!!
So I said I would try and write more during this time, and so I keep my word.

An interesting story, (well, in all honesty, it's not the most interesting, but it interests me, so maybe it'll interest you too). Anyhow, whenever I study, I like to have music in the background, because it helps keep my focus, and I decided to go onto Youtube to listen to this new (although it's actually old) Bruce Springsteen song, "Blood Brothers" that I discovered. An advertisement came up, and I guess my laptop's been stalking me, the advertisement was about -- well can you guess?

Writing! It featured a writer telling his story of how he became a writer, how he wrote every day for "15 years" before he wrote his first book. He spoke about how he writes and rewrites his works all the time, how he reads them aloud to audiences and takes notes as he does that. I found what he had to say really very interesting. Although I don't want to become a professional writer, I did take everything he said about becoming a writer to heart. A confusing sentiment to explain, but I guess most sentiments are. Anyways, I think that's the first time I didn't click on the 'skip' button on an advertisement. I actually paid attention to it.

What's more to say? -- I'll have to think on that one.

Or not. I think I have more to say. When I watched the aforementioned advertisement, the man in it encouraged the keeping of a diary, because your life "feels like a story sometimes". I would agree. But I think to really capture the times, you need more than a diary. To have everything stored in a diary is possible, but I once read a quote that mentioned that writers are many people trying to be just one person. Personally, I feel like that holds true. For those reasons, I have many notebooks, because each one captures a slightly different side of me. Every place that holds my written works holds something different. And one day, when someone reads them all -- well I don't really know what'll become. But I expect that it'll be an interesting discovery to see how so many people can come together to be just one.