Number 15

Hello to all! It's been exactly a week and I was thinking about writing something less nonsensical for once, but then I came upon one of my (many) writings and it just cannot be withheld -- because as I often say, there's a message. And as I also often say, that message will not be disclosed. Your goal (should be) to attempt at understanding it. And if you don't comprehend all that my nonsensical self (oh that word really is overused on this site isn't it?) -- if you don't comprehend, worry not. It is alright. Take some time to live a little more life, and when you come back you might see. And if you do not, worry not still, because if you have the slightest whirlwind in you, I assure you, someday you will.

I wrote this a few months ago, so I'm going to put it all into quotations. I promise the next time -- things will be less (here comes that damn nuisance of a word again -- nonsensical).

"You know writing is everything to you when you can’t stop doing it no matter what. I can’t stop writing for the life of me. Why is this? I wish I knew. I’m currently blanking a little… I don’t really know why. Maybe I’m nervous? Alright. It’s established. I am after all, a little bit nervous. But a dose of nervousness is required. It shows that I care. And caring is certainly something we need more of. What’s more to say? -- Well. Recently I’ve been pondering a little more than usual and I’m beginning to think/realize/WONDER at how much I feel changed. Changed since September that is. I think I’ve become somewhat more fragile -- and yet somewhat more strong. I certainly feel very different than how I felt a year ago. Have things changed so?"


PS -- I know the title makes no sense (to you).