The month of Maying

I don't know where the phrase "the month of maying" comes from…but since it is the month of May, I thought I would use it.

Lately, I have found that I have been writing in my notebooks less. Interesting. Upon noticing this, I thought about why this may be, and I realized over the past few months I have felt a degree of peace of mind that I don't think I have experienced since I was a little child. With the constant buzzing of life being slowed to a soft hum, I find that my mind is clearer, I have less of an urge to write. I have also been doing much more listening to podcasts and other people's discussions -- so taking in more than usual…maybe because there is more room.

What I have noticed is, I have less of an "urge" to write. With a clearer, more peaceful mind, writing is something I can actually put more thought into, it's less like the sudden rush of water when you break a dam.

So. Another idea about writing -- it can be a useful tool to clear your mind when it is full with all that there is to fill it (and there is so much that often does) -- but making a conscious decision to write is something great to set ourselves thinking and encourage our flow of ideas in a way that isn't done when we simply feel an "urge" to spill.

So in for the ten or so days that remain of this month of Maying, I hope to write more consciously and discover that brings. -- And then maybe, I will write about it.