(Hint: Contemplation)

Hello everyone! I have only a few words before you enter a state of utter confusion (upon reading what has come of my writer's mind):

If you can tell me what this means. If you can make sense of this "excerpt". Well then. You've got something. haven't you? And maybe you should write. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Contemplation is never-ending. It wanders thought to thought -- endlessly. Amassing all the solitude of wisdom as it proceeds. It begins as simply as the clouds of subconscious clear just a little, allowing some obscure abstraction to appear. - And so the great entwining of the known and what seems unknown occurs -- leaving oneself in an immense state of stupor. Stupor at all that one has so far misunderstood.

Suddenly -- a ray of light appears. Seemingly, without a source. Truth-tellingly, from deep within. -- The light is dim, but the glow is there. It always was, has been IS. But it is difficult to see, for it cannot be detected with thine eyes. It requires something elseā€¦of a different sort, for it is misleadingly faint in the relation of its candescence. Perhaps it would rather be felt, that looked upon, unbeknownst.