Daily Inspiration?

Well hello to all and everyone. Life can be (perhaps almost always is) rather unpredictable isn't it? Although many a time it doesn't seem so.

A few days ago, I lent a $1.25 to a girl who passed my friend and I in the hall. I didn't know who she was, but I recognized her as I've seen her in the school before (I think maybe she has the same break as myself?)

Anyhow, she was walking down the hall when she approached us asking for $1.20 for the bus. I happened to have $1.25, which I gave her. I must admit, I wasn't exactly sure that I wanted to lend even that miniscule amount to a random stranger of a peer that I happened to recognize. I'm wasn't sure that I would've approached random people at school like that, but I decided to go with it.

A few seconds after she (the girl) had taken the money and walked a few metres away from where I was sitting with my friend, she came back and told me that I had given her a "special coin" (it turned out to be some sort of "limited edition" of the loonie). She handed it back to me asking if I was sure I wanted to give it to her, upon looking at the coin, I recalled that in fact I had intended to keep it as it was a different type of loonie, so I searched my purse to see if I had another -- but I did not. I looked to my friend, but she could not come up with the sum, so I thought about it a few seconds before deciding aloud, "Well, my life won't change," and handed the girl the "special coin" once more, telling her she needn't pay me back (as I really didn't expect to encounter her again, even though we go to the same school). She walked off to catch her bus, and that was the end of that.

Except it wasn't. Two days later (i.e. today), I encountered the girl once more, as I walked down the hall to go sit with one of my friends during my break. She spotted me and immediately exclaimed with a lovely smile, "Hey! You helped me when I needed money!" I don't recall saying much, but smiling along with her. She wished me, "Have a great day!" and walked on by. That left me with the most uplifted feeling, it was really quite astonishing to see how much that girl's appreciation affected me. It quite literally made my day.

Later during the period, when I was seated during my break, that same girl happened to pass me in the hall, and seeing that I saw her she waved with a smile once again! How interestingly pleasant the world can be made by the coming together and joining of such small acts! It really is a wonderous symphony.

So as it turns out, I was completely wrong. Wrong in the statement that "my life [wouldn't] change" upon handing that girl that loonie. For it certainly did. It brightened my day (albeit, two days later) grandly, and seemingly leads me to believe that good comes of good. And there is some daily inspiration. I hope you can find some daily inspiration of your own too.

And let's hope I write again soon.