If there were a book about you, I'd read it

So it is currently exam season, and the times are unfolding, so I will attempt to keep this short. I was going about my daily life yesterday, when (of course) I took the time to write in my "Journal through" notebook.

After writing all the musings of my mind, I decided to look back on previous entries. I came upon one (from September of last year) and read it. And I genuinely enjoyed it. It was lovely to see what interesting "musings" had come of me, and it was truly a great pastime --- (although perhaps a pastime better for times when there is less to be done), anyhow, I read what I'd written from those months before and it really did interest me.

Which made me think of some other thoughts I've had before --- "If there were a book about you, I'd read it."

^^ I've had that sentence pop up in my head several times, and I realize, there is quite likely someone interested in reading about you. Your writing can reveal an element of yourself, it can bring out all those characters in seemingly the form of one. So write.

Because if there were a book about you, I assure you, someone would be interested in reading it. And wouldn't it be lovely to see what could come of that?

Perhaps I'll continue this thought later. Till then.