So I think ' two-posts-ago', I referred to what I like to call "spilling", and today, I thought that's what I'd do. (Especially after the last post's confusion, I think we all deserve something that makes at least some degree of sense.)

Something I think I should advise you on before I commence: There is Passenger playing in the background as I write. -- I don't know why, but you should know.

So about a half-hour ago, I finished putting the phone down upon calling up my piano teacher. Well, she used to be my piano teacher, she's retired now -- in her 80's. I still call her my piano teacher, although she's certainly more than that -- she and her husband, they're more like "grandparent figures" to me really.

I called her to ask to visit her, which I do every now and then. Every time I call, not only is she so very appreciative of me wanting to visit her but also for the fact that I've called her. Genuinely. I can hear the pleasure in her voice over the phone, it radiates. She and her husband are so appreciative of something I barely even mean as a kind gesture, it's illuminating. Illuminating to see how easy it can be to make someone's day brighter.

The thought of having company over is such a joy to her -- it's wonderful!

Usually, when visiting her place, we have some tea, I play some piano for her, and if she needs help with anything around the house, we go about that. A few hours at most. Yet she appreciates it so truly and deeply, it's a beautiful sentiment to behold.

You might be wondering what I intend to tell you with the recounting of all this. Well. It's just an observation I've made. You can, perhaps, make some observations upon examining my own. There's clearly a message, but it's one for YOU to unfold.

And this time. I'm not giving out a hint.