172 Words of Nonsensicalness

Gasp!! It's been over two weeks since a nonsensical post last appeared on here! What a scandalous affair!

Worry not. Your time spent (cough cough, wasted, cough cough) trying to make sense of this madness does lead to some avail. And there is plenty more to come. --- In fact I thought I'd give you a little dose today:

As a (somewhat) regular human being-- I go through a range of states. And what do I do with these ever-changing seasons of the mind? I write. -- If that wasn't obvious, then one of us is on another level here. And one of us isn't me.
So since I love it so much, I'm going to write. You may think everything truly is nonsense and just an excess of flowery writing. Or maybe something you read will make sense, and if ever you need, it may help you gain something.

Now, if you please, take a look, take a listen, take a read. Let's have a "philosophical discussion". :)

Somehow I am convinced that existence consists of floors that go beyond what one can grasp. Not always. Not even frequently. But it does happen.
It leads one through a tumult of circumstance. Seemingly a place one cannot see through, for an immense fog clouds the way. And mind you -- although I make this place sound unfavourable, I assure it is not always so. It can come in many a form, but unfortunately, some may say, the most common form is filled with pain; A place with an immense sense of bottomless descent.
But luckily - the world is good and the universe, a friend, so one can become at long last, oneself again. -- And this is not to say that one does not get bruised, for scars that won't fade are certainly gained --- but mistake me not, they heal in the most exquisite way.
As all things are ever-evolving, eventually, we will surely find ourselves enjoying life as we wave away the clouds we look upon while basking in our momentary sunshine.

172 words of nonsensicalness. The rest is just there. Take what you will.