Garfunkel's First Name

How do you explain the inexplicable? -- It's obvious, you don't.

I mean can you even really? I think that's what music, poetry, prose, writing, art -- I think that's what it's all for. An attempt to explain the inexplicable. That is what the true artists are for. I suppose some may deem it a lost cause, for why attempt to explain the inexplicable --- maybe for the very reason that it can't be explained…its beauty. The beauty it creates.

For is not each attempt to explain that inexplicable madness and complicated simplicity of the world beautiful? Is not that at least partway why artists "art?", singers sing, musicians play, composers compose, writers WRITE. It's all just a little contribution to that madness. If it really comes from within at least. It is beautiful. So I encourage you, live a little more vibrantly and create some kind of wonderful ---

It evokes something. A reaction. An emotion. Perhaps if the artist is lucky, a realization. A phenomenon like no other.