The Experiment

It is 2020! A whole New Year! A time indeed.

Anyways, I have tales to tell. It's kind of an interesting one, you could call it a nonsensical one. I've missed that word. It's going to have to make a come back.

But alright. The experiment.

So, as you may (or may not) be able to tell -- probably not, actually but…alright, now I'm probably just confusing you.

Let me begin again. // I'm not sure how evident it is, but I'd say that my spirit is about 400 years old. And the response to that by most would probably be, "you exaggerate". Which is true, I suppose, but all the same, my masked self is very, very old. Outdated almost. Although I'm not sure that that's the most accurate way to put it.

Through all my life, the only modern, media I've ever had are -- e-mails, a smartphone (so like texting??) and then, this weblog. And then over the last summer, I decided to make an Instagram account. An interesting thing I chose to do. I suppose I was curious about this other world I had never dared to venture into. Of course, I had had my prejudices and presuppositions about it for several years (ever since my peers began to enter that realm), but I finally decided to throw all those to the wind and try it for myself, for I was genuinely interested and curious. I wanted to know, see and do just as everyone else. What was this world people constantly told me to join?

I wanted to experience it. Maybe my old presuppositions were wrong after all, I thought.

And so I did. I entered the realm of pictures, captions, an endless supply of memes…a literal place of infinitude. And for a while, it really did captivate me -- it really was interesting to see all there was to see…and there is so much to see, I followed things, and allowed a small "following". I posted things. I explored the explore page. --

But I am old. Really old. Much too old. And much too much of a thinker. So after a little while, I found myself wanting to go back to my old ways. For my old ways weren't the most ill-founded. Maybe even well-founded, I'd say. I pondered over it quite a reckless amount.

I realized, the old, 'not exactly in tune with the times, but not exactly out of it' person that I was/am was exactly what I wanted to be. So after the aforementioned reckless pondering in my mind, I decided, that I had wanted to experience, and I had. I had wanted to learn what this realm was, and I had

I wouldn't say my presuppositions concerning the whole ordeal were exactly right. All the same, I wouldn't exactly say they were wrong. Maybe they were accurate, but not exactly precise? (I'm getting flashbacks from my Physics course now -- good times).

I didn't expect the endless supply of "entertainment" that was available on that thing. That certainly surprised me. I did expect the random photos of people and their little doses of randomness to add to our lives. I was right about the randomness. I was wrong about the sentiment towards it, for it was kind of nice. But I was right in my supposition that it did make me feel like somewhat of a scatterbrain. Too much information. Too many things. I was partially wrong about it being entirely meaningless, for there was some kind of pleasant sentiment to someone appreciating your post or you appreciating theirs. I was partially right though because it didn't have enough meaning for me. Being the 400-year-old self that I am, it didn't have enough in it for me to want to continue.

And so, after all, I decided I really didn't want the whole ordeal. Somehow I actually knew myself well enough and I am back to my original self. Well not exactly, I guess, because I've learned some new things. How can one ever remain forever one's selfsame self anyways?

So goes the story of my experiment. I suppose I'm just not prepared to escape that "outdated" part of myself. Or maybe I take life entirely too seriously.