Someone will probably read what you write

I really am keeping my word of writing, aren't I?

This happens to be the third time I'm writing (typing) here this week! What an astonishing event. I certainly didn't expect it.

Anyhow, it is evening time in the Eastern Canadian lands, and I have inevitably managed to be (by my very own self, of course) pulled into a deep melancholy tide of thoughts. As I was pondering over the various details of existence, particularly my own, I came upon the idea that I should write all these thoughts down.

A little fun fact about me: I like to talk to myself. Well, really it's not a matter or like or dislike. The fact of the matter is that I happen to talk to myself.

So, as I began spinning in my own array of thoughts I spoke to myself as I got up to get my 'Journal through' notebook and said, "Write this down, it could be useful for your kids."

And of course, me being what I am, I began to think of the meaning of that sentence I had quite semi-consciously spoken to myself.

(See, if anyone here has taken an English course before, you may recall having to analyze the meaning of seemingly meaningless things -- like perhaps, "What is the significance of the green doorknob? Why is it green?", but you see, the English teachers/professors are not crazy. Even I try and find meaning in what is seemingly meaninglessā€¦.of course we are making the very bold assumption that I am sane, and not crazy here, but no matter.)

So back to the story. I began to think of what I had just told myself, through no will of my own. "Write this down, it could be useful for your kids." -- I mean, it was the most interesting thing. This idea proceeded to fascinate me and take hold of nearly all my conscious thought. The idea that my writing is not for me, but for someone else. Using the context of that sentence, people I haven't met yet. People who may never come into existence. People I could, quite possibly, never know. But the idea that I should write this down because it might be useful for somebody.

Now, of course, this is no new ordeal, people write things for others all the time, I know. But those are the usual writings, consisting of the likes of newspaper articles, self-help books, non-fiction books, storybooks, blogs like theseā€¦but people don't typically write in their journal of sorts "because it could be useful for their kids". The exact reason for which I cannot exactly deduce, although I do have some reasonable ideas.

  1. People do not typically assume that their personal journal shall be read by anyone. (At least not while they are still alive).

  2. People are not thinking about their hypothetical kids. What exactly they are thinking of seems to be a complex place to abode, which we should leave to another day.

  3. People do not realize that their thoughts are worth thinking and can be useful to others, who need help thinking thoughts. Or articulating some thoughts --- maybe some people need new thoughts? More thoughts? Deeper thoughts? -- (Also something I may or may not have begun pondering about, we will have to discuss 'thoughts' in a future post, but for now -- )

The 3 points, above-mentioned are all reasons that lead me to believe that typically, deciding to write about something in your journal "because it could be useful for your kids" is something rather odd, or at the very least, unusual. But, this case of unusualness interests me. And I'm writing this, in hopes that I can interest you with the idea that you should write not only to get your thoughts/worries/fears/melancholy mind sorted out, but also with the knowledge that someone will probably read what you write.

Someone will probably read what you write. Just imagine that! Someone will probably read what you write. They will read from it. Your thoughts will merge with their thoughts. In a small sense, your thoughts will be theirs for a little while, and wouldn't it be so intriguing to see what could come of that?

Although, it is unclear whether or not you will be able to witness somebody reading what you write, or that you will ever even know of someone reading what you write, it really is quite likely that someone will read what you write. And they may love it. Or they may hate it. Or they may not care, because they don't understand it. Or don't feel a great deal in relation to it. Regardless, they will have read it. And your thoughts will exist evermore.

And that, Dear Readers, is yet another reason to write. Because writing is evidence of your thought. And your thoughts are worth thinking. Because your ideas could definitely use some processing, and rethinking. Your thoughts probably do need to be re-thought. (Try not to overthink while doing so though ;)

Remember, someone, will probably read what you write, and be mesmerized at the beauty of your mind.